Who we are

Smice is part of the Dutch company Smart Ice ®. Smart Ice ® has a unique technology to homogenize and freeze liquids. This offers unlimited possibilities to a wide variety of customers. We bring innovation in the Food & Beverages market, pause degradation processes and save energy in refrigeration. The possibilities are endless.


Out team

Bas Mooij
Account Manager
Jeffrey van Campenhout
Account Manager
Jeffrey Henriët
Account Manager
Iwan Heidbuurt
Financial Controller
Ronald Vastenhouw
Research & Development
Marcel Heidbuurt
Commercial Director

The roots of Smart Ice

The roots of Smart Ice ® are in ice cream technology, but our knowhow reaches beyond that. Smart Ice ® also homogenizes liquids without freezing them. That is interesting for example for suppliers of vegetable and fruit juices that have issues because their products separate.

In the past years, Smart Ice ® did R&D processes with different parties. We developed an isotone sports drink that cools the body from the inside, launched frozen fruit juices, speed up ice rinks and made them more energy efficient, too many to mention. And it doesn’t stop there. The possibilities are limitless.

Our Partners

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